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 MODs5-in-1 Snitz Common Expansion Pack   Add A File To 5-in-1 Snitz Common Expansion Pack

5-in-1 Snitz Common Expansion Pack
MOD Version: 1.01  
Forum Version: 3.4.06
Author: Panhandler
Uploaded: 1/2/2008 5:52:38 PM
Votes: 2
Download Count: 3012
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01/02/2008- implemented security patch files to Private Messages mod
3/13/07 - implemented latest Snitz security patch to pop_profile.asp
3/05/07 - added inc_policy.asp to "E-mail All Users" with change to the registration agreement that the registrant understands that the forum may send them e-mail with news pertaining to the forum.

2/3/07 - corrected topic.asp file for minor mistyping.

The 5-in-1 Snitz Common Expansion Pack contains these popular mods: 1) Site Integration 2) Header Cell 3) Proeder's File Attachment 4) Email All Users 5) Private Messages.
The only changes you will have to make are to the config.asp file in each folder so that it matches your own - there are no other code changes to make.
Each mod is in it's own folder and the installation steps are methodical. Study the readme files before beginning and it should be easy to understand and implement.
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