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Additional Smilies
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Additional Smilies Addon's
MOD Version: 1  
Forum Version: 3.4.07
Author: The Zim
Uploaded: 4/7/2009 1:10:36 PM
Votes: 0
Download Count: 1236
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This is simply a fix for the winking animation. The one in the package has a purple flash in it, so I edited that out. I'm not sure whether the zip file will mess it up at all, so if it does u can go here to download it:

Just right-click on it and select Save Picture As... and save it somewhere!
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MOD Version: 1.2  
Forum Version: 3.4
Author: tekgirl02
Uploaded: 1/18/2004 1:10:22 PM
Votes: 5
Download Count: 4911
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This mod is used to add ten additional animated smilies to the Snitz default group. Uses the existing Snitz default table, without changing the layout.

Readme.htm is included.
faq.asp added (contains code related to smilies)

Difficulty of Installation - Very easy. The files have already been modified, using a clean Snitz install and the images are included.
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