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MakeMail v0.8
MOD Version: 0.8  
Forum Version: 3.3.04
Author: toast
Uploaded: 4/14/2003 12:17:15 AM
Votes: 0
Download Count: 1296
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MakeEmail Mod v0.8 For "Snitz3.4" and "MailEnablePro Beta v1.1"

Original Author: Toast™

Background: This mod connects the creation of a Snitz forum account with creation of a MailEnable ( mail box account. I used code written by Carlos C Soto of SIA Solutions SA de CV ( for the creation of the actual mailbox. The code I did was mostly the interaction between MailEnable and the forum and the interface for the forum.

Known Issues: There are still some problems with it like if an existing user with out an email address goes to their profile and creates their email address by choosing the option but leaves the password field blank then their mailbox on the email server will have no password set for it. Also, many users might get confused into thinking that the forum account and the email account are the same account and this could cause problems too because if a user changes their forum password (for instance) and then tries to use thier new forum password to get to their web mail it won't work. This isn't a serious issue but an annoying one for an ill-informed end user. There is a fucntion written by the same gentalman who wrote the function to add mailboxes that allows the script to edit an existing mailbox so I may take this code and integrate it with the Snitz password update to negate the problem. This would however only be a partial solution because I would then need to go into the MailEnable Webmail code and make it so that if the user updates thier pass on that service Snitz updates too. I don't consider this mod complete but I think its ready enough for you guys to play with it and tell me what else is wrong that I didn't notice yet.

Tested On: Snitz3.4.0.1 with Access DB (some one test this on SQLserver and tell me if it works)
MailEnablePro beta v1.1
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